Your Guide

Matt Crosser

Founder of Cross Africa & Co.

Matt Crosser is a seasoned traveler with an ingrained sense of adventure that has led him to explore over 37 countries. He lived and worked out of Cape Town for 5 years.

Matt realized there was a huge gap between fully independent safaris and ‘pre-packaged’ tours that speed crowds of people through different sites. Matt believes that one must travel without the limitations of a bucket list and instead absorb the surroundings at a slower pace in order to tap into Africa’s unique rhythm.

With over 18 years of experience on the African continent, he still maintains strong ties with colleagues and other local residents. Through these connections and prior knowledge, he successfully led four group safaris. In 2018, Matt decided to formalize the process for future travelers, thus creating his company Cross Africa & Co.

I travel because it challenges my own perception of the conventional. It broadens my horizons, allows me to experience new cultures, foods, and languages, and reminds me how truly magnificent our world is.