Namibia and South Africa Trip

This time last year, Matt was on a trip with some of his clients through Namibia and then onto South Africa. We do accompany our guests on some of their trips, if they request us to be there. This allows us to plan on the fly and personally sort out any logistical issues that may be encountered along the way. Both Matt and Candice know their way around Southern and Eastern Africa quite well, and we enjoy taking our clients to all the local spots that are well hidden from the usual tourist path. This allows our clients to see a slightly more authentic side of the country they are visiting.

Last year we spent a day at the Hout Bay market in Cape Town. As we were driving to the market, Matt told us a story about a boxing gym up on the hill in Hout Bay, were he got into a tussle, and learnt a few lessons, from a local South African kick boxing champion. While we were snacking on some oysters, Matt recognised his old nemesis and they had a good laugh and a long overdue catch up. It was a memorable moment. Matt loved his time living in South Africa, and wherever he went, he got to know the locals of the area. Which pretty much sums up how we like to travel at Cross Africa & Co. We take our time, we soak up everything, and make friends along the way.

It was on this trip that Matt and I decided it was time to take Cross Africa & co. actively out into the world. Covid-19 has put a small delay on our plans, but we cant wait for borders to safely open again, so that the adventures can begin. If you’re thinking ahead and want to start planning your adventure in 2021, we would love to discuss your options with you. Just fill in our inquiry form and we will contact you to set up a skype call to start planning your trip.

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