What is Cross Africa & Co.’s mission?

Cross Africa & Co.’s mission is to develop intimate, educational safari trips for travelers seeking the adventure of a lifetime.

Which countries does Cross Africa & Co. travel to?

We travel to the Eastern and Southern regions of the African continent: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, and South Africa.

How long have you been providing these trips to Africa?

Matt Crosser has been organizing trips for his friends for about 15 years. He decided to formally create Cross Africa & Co. to streamline the process for interested travelers.

What do you offer that other travel services do not?

We value the quality of an experience over the quantity of places in a short amount of time. This means that we explore the terrain with self-drive safari vehicles, rather than packing as many people as we can into a small vehicle that zips through stops as fast as possible. We also take pride in providing luxurious nights to our adventurous days- the 4-star lodges we will stay in are comfortable, with wifi, plenty of outlets, and fully stocked bars with fine dining.

What is a self-drive safari?

A self-drive safari is an active participant experience that allows travelers to personalize their activities. Travelers can stop for pictures when they want to and venture out to find the route, instead of receiving a general tour from other safari operators.

Does Africa & Co. support sustainable tourism?

We respect all local people’s cultures and privacy and believe in sustainable traveling. We enter areas with respect for the wildlife, as well conduct ourselves as cultural ambassadors.

How many spots are available in the group?

The 2019 trip is limited to 10 spots. All ages are welcome.

Who is responsible for paying the airfare?

Travellers are responsible for covering their own airfare to Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, Namibia and the return back from Cape Town International Airport. We will meet you as soon as you arrive in Namibia and will ensure your return home from Cape Town.

What do the costs cover?
  • A tailor-made itinerary for your self drive safari, with a detailed trip handbook & maps
  • Two fully-equipped Safari Drive vehicle for the duration of your trip
  • All accommodation, meals and camping as stated in the itinerary
  • All internal flights as stated on your itinerary.
  • Network of Safari Drive staff on the ground to provide full back up and support
  • Satellite telephone for the duration of your trip with free calls to the Safari Drive team
  • Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav & ‘Tracks 4 Africa’
  • Flying Doctor membership
  • Full camp kitchen, roof and ground tents, beds and bedding etc
  • A ‘starter’ kit of basic essentials
  • One spare wheel
  • Fridge, emergency first aid kit, cool box, fitted water tank and extra fuel can
  • Basic tool kit, tow rope etc
  • All road transfers as stated in the itinerary
  • Fully comprehensive insurance (with options to reduce your excess, see overleaf).
  • International Flights
  • Personal satellite telephone calls (calls charged at £2 per minute)
  • Visas (if required)
  • Additional fuel and food
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Camping fees where not mentioned as pre-paid in the itinerary
  • All meals not stated in the itinerary
  • Drinks unless where mentioned
  • National park fees (cont. overleaf)
  • National park concession fees (cont. overleaf)
Will we have tour guides and experts familiar with the regions?

The leader of your group, Matt Crosser, will serve as your cultural liaison and main point of contact. Matt has over 18 years of experience in Africa alone and speaks English and Zulu. Your local guides have years of specialized knowledge on parks and terrains, and you can be at ease asking them questions.