Safety (Medical and Travel Insurance)

Medical Insurance

Travelers are responsible for providing their own medical insurance that covers emergency medical evacuation. Find a travel clinic near you to speak to a physician about pertinent vaccinations and precautions. Your primary care doctor can also provide vaccinations or be better equipped to prescribe you medicine should you have any pre-existing conditions.

Travel Insurance

Travelers are responsible for providing their own travel insurance if desired. Should any flight delay or cancellation occur, it’s advisable to secure insurance for your trip. Travel insurance usually covers medical emergencies, just make sure medical evacuation is covered by your plan.

Vehicle Safety

Follow these general vehicle rules to ensure your safety abroad:

Only use existing, well-engraved tracks
Do not drive at night- the dark makes it difficult to see, but wildlife can cause damage due to bright car lights
Do not repair vehicles at night- this risks dangerous animals to come near
Watch out for animals crossing the road- these wild animals, such as warthogs, can damage vehicle occupants if a collision occurs
Prepare for inclement weather- flash floods can cut through roads
Pay attention to sharp turns
Take an alternative route to avoid water crossing- water levels should be less than waist-deep

  • Walk a water crossing before crossing with a vehicle
  • Route conditions will be provided before your trip
  • Take detours if possible
  • Do not panic if your vehicle dips halfway in a river or stream
  • Maintain a steady momentum and speed

Clean up your waste and respect the vehicle as much as your surroundings
Remember to not remove natural firewood


The vehicles we use on our safari expeditions are iconic of the African safari experience. Depending on the location, the vehicles will either be the Land Rover Defender or the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a 4×4 vehicle that effectively navigates through natural safari terrain. Each vehicle holds 6 passengers and is equipped with large windows to view the landscape. The Land Cruiser also has first aid kits and power jacks for cameras and phone charging.

The Land Rover Defender is a world-renowned vehicle, it has been used in African safaris for more than 40 years. The Defender is a 4×4 vehicle that offers great off-road capabilities and utility for the different terrains of the land.

Safety Disclaimer

Travelers are responsible for financing their own medical, travel, and emergency coverage and will not hold Cross Africa & Co. liable for any emergency situations. Cross Africa & Co. assumes no responsibility in medical, physical, or weather conditions while on safari, as safari conditions inherently pose some risk of danger.

In no event shall Cross Africa & Co. be liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising out of travel conditions.

Land Rover Defender

Toyota Land Cruiser