Off the beaten track


Zakouma National Park in the South of Chad offers untouched wildlife, and numbers of game, that are no longer seen anywhere else in the world. A relativey new safari destination, as the park has been in a period of recovery since 2010, the infrastructure is less reliable. If however you are looking for a unique adventure, and dont mind foregoing a few of your creature comforts, then Chad should be top of your list.

The government and local communities have poured time and effort into stimulating the elephant population in the park, and have had great success. Currently there is one herd that is over 500 in number, a truly spectacular sight to see.

Camp Nomade offers an extremely exclusive Chadian experience, but at a luxurious price. It is only open for 4 months of the year, during the dry season, and only has 4 nomadic tents. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can take a trip to the north of the park and stay in the fly camp. Getting to Zakouma involves a long bumpy drive, but what you find when you arrrive, is well worth the journey.

We are very aware of the travel recommendations to Chad, and client safety is always a top priority. Matt will accompany guests on their trips to Chad, to ensure they have everything taken care of at all times. Currently we only offer trips to Zakouma National Park.

  • Rare wildlife such as the Kordofan Giraffe
  • Excellent elephant, leopard and lion viewing opporutunities
  • Zakouma National Park is the only place where the Black Crested Barbet can be seen. Definitely one for the birders! You may also see the threatened Black Crowned Crane.